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We’re able to provide a wide range of domiciliary care services to a range of our service users. We’re already supporting hundreds of people who have been discharged from hospital and need assistance to recuperate or anyone with long-term illness who need assistance with daily living activities. We know that getting help with these things can make a big positive difference to your life and enable you to live independently and in dignity at home.

Our dynamic and committed care staff can visit you several times a day, stay over at night, or live-in with you to help you receive assistance around the clock. No matter your needs, we’re able to help. Prior to allocating one of our highly trained and skilled domiciliary carer or nurse to assist you, we will visit you to assess your needs and preferences and how you want the support to be provided in greater detail. This way, we’re able to provide you with a choice and match a carer who is able to meet your needs, interests, and preferences.

Helping you with a wide range of care and support

Our care staff are noted to be highly skilled and they do really care!
They are able to help you or your relative with a wide of activities such as:

  • Transfer issues such as getting in and out of bed in the morning and throughout the day
  • Personal and incontinence care including toileting changing pad, bathing, washing, applying lotions, using continence aids
  • Dressing and undressing and changing clothes and beddings when necessary
  • Maintaining personal appearance, such as brushing your or your relative’s hair
  • Preparing meals and drinks and helping with eating and drinking so that you or your relative have enough nutrition
  • Managing, administering, and prompting to take medication including picking up prescriptions
  • Running errand such as shopping with, or on your behalf, collecting pensions, and paying bills
  • Social companionship, recreation, supervision, and social outing so that you can get out of the house and meet friends