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Quality Assurance Inspection Support

CQC CRITERIA Outstanding Good Requires Improvement Inadequate

Focus Care Professional Ltd is aware that many care providers actually have and use various types of quality compliance systems but still failed to meet CQC requirements during an inspection of care quality performance.

We appreciate the efforts that many care agencies put in place to achieve good results from CQC inspection and we employed the service of an expert in analyzing the quality of service delivery, especially in the health and social care sector.

Our expert has a sound knowledge of quality issues arising from quality operations with communication, written, verbal, IT, and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to support your care organization with relevant advice including an action plan in preparation for CQC inspection.

Our Quality Assurance Inspection service will also include a report for you to understand the various implications of failing to meet CQC standards of compliance to Health and Social Care Regulations and other relevant legislation.

Our Quality Assurance Inspector/Expert will support your care organization to review the quality of your care provision by measuring your quality systems and processes against predetermined quality objectives and measures.

We are that organization involved in developing and providing your quality assurance and other policies and procedures provide warning that they cannot guarantee any assurance of your organization achieving desired good result during the CQC inspection because it is up to your management to ensure continuous quality improvement of your care support services.

Our Quality Assurance Inspector/Expert will evaluate the effectiveness of your quality systems and processes with a report including recommendations on the remedial action to improve care support service and prepare to meet CQC inspection rating.

In the event of your organization in need of help Focus Care Professionals expert offers assistance to achieve agreed action plans for meeting CQC requirement.

If you are preparing for CQC inspection or Attending to previous CQC report including action points due to rating such as requires improvement or inadequate, please contact us at for Service Level Agreement.